Client Testimonials​

Today I am writing this feedback so that I can help others. I am a doctor from India and we moved to Canada recently. Various groups on WhatsApp and Facebook showed the names of agencies/ individuals who could help us out in our journey. Sitting so far away we were skeptical and had to move ahead with caution. We came across Settle at Toronto on Facebook and contacted Arun bhai a few months ago. From the first phone call he was confident and genuine. Since we were traveling with a small baby we had many doubts. We would call him or WhatsApp every few days with our queries and he would promptly answer them. He guided us and told us "you just come here, everything will be fine". Planning our settlement with Settle at Toronto was the best decision we took. Once we confirmed our tickets, we sent them to him. He made a plan for us and told us, we couldn't believe we would be able to finish all the formalities and settle so fast. As we mentioned all these things to our family, they also felt relaxed, since we would have support from day 1. We landed at Toronto airport. Arun bhai was on his way, since we had extra luggage he brought along 2 cars. He had already informed us what kind of questions the immigration officers asked at the airport, so we were prepared. He helped us place all our luggage in the cars and took us to his house, where we met his family. They were so very caring. Tired after a long journey, his wife Solly, held our baby as we ate the delicious meals she had prepared. Then Arun bhai took us for some formalities and by evening we had a bank account, a phone number, internet connection, wonderful food, mattress, groceries for a week and we moved into our new home!!! All this on the day we landed. The next few days Arun bhai took us by car for other formalities like library card, bus pass, security number, funds deposit etc. He also helped us get G1 license on the first working day after we landed. Soon we have an appointment for furniture bank and childcare benefit registration. SAT also helps in getting part time and full time jobs as soon as we reach. Even as he was guiding us through out the day, he was constantly planning and guiding other families too. In spite of being a busy busy man, he is always ready to help others. Not only this, Arun bhai helped us in traveling to meet friends, or to nearby Service Canada offices/ banks etc. Anyone who comes here will realise that traveling without a car and with a baby in hand is a little difficult. Well we did not have to face any difficulty, we settled down smoothly. At the end of day 1, we video called our family members with our new phone number and told them everything. They were beyond surprised and happy that we had settled in so well. They were very thankful to Arun bhai and Solly for taking care of us. Everywhere we went, it was obvious, Arun bhai is the leader of this community. He is well connected and has formed long term relations with his clientele. All the people we met had only good things to say about him and SAT. After all this, the was never any talk of advance/ charges/ fees. He always said to experience the settlement via SAT first and then think of charges. He has done more than we expected. Arun bhai goes out of his way to help others, and is always ready to guide people. Special thanks to Solly, for the delicious meals she made for us when we reached. Thank you for making us feel at home. Both Arun bhai and Solly have very charming personalities and create long term relations with their clientele. Will definitely recommend settlement through SAT. It's the complete package.
Dr.Shivali Srivastava
MBBS (Family Physician)
I’m immensely glad to share my experience with Mr. Arun Morris and the excellent service I got through Settle@Toronto. He is doing an immeasurable level of service for any newcomers who lands in Canada without knowing where to live, how to get settled initially,… etc. Right from the Airport pick up he will be there for you as a friend, a brother and as an absolutely trustworthy person whom who can completely hope on. Still whenever we need help, he is always there for us. Hence with no doubt I can recommend Settle@Toronto to all newcomers to get the best help and to integrate well with the community.
Ajosh George (Kerala, India)
Marketing Professional
I am an IT professional from India and am very happy to share my experience with Mr. Arun Morris and the excellent service I got through Settle@Toronto. Settle at Toronto provides the best service for newcomers. No one can provide such an excellent service like Mr. Arun Morris. He is as a family member and would always be with us in our good or crucial moments. It is very difficult to get all the service in one place in the new place. So I would recommend to all new comers to contact him for the settlement service.
Rahul Haridasan (Mumbai, India)
IT Professional
Hi all, I am Elavazhagan from India. I took Mr. Arun Morris's post landing service. His services includes booking an accommodation (we can choose an accommodation while we are in home country, so that we can go directly to the house upon landing), airport pick up, all landing formalities (SIN, new comer center, welcome kit for new comers), food for 2 days, bank account opening, child school admission, recommendation for day care, getting Presto card, enrollment for free medicals (we can avoid buying medical insurance for first 3 months, since Arun will enroll us for free medical assistance until we get OHIP, in this way we can able to save a minimum of INR 5000 per person), library membership, shopping, Job assistance (he will provide Canadian style resume and cover letter according to our profession, he will also post news about various job fairs around our locality), and survival jobs (if necessary). I strongly recommend any new comer to Canada to avail his service. In my opinion, the major benefit of taking Arun's service is that we can concentrate on our job search within a week of landing, since all the landing formalities will be completed within first 2 days. At last, his service is a continuing one. He is ready to assist us any time.
Elavazhagan Murugesan (Chennai, India)
Senior Pharmacovigilance Specialist
Hi all, we are very much fortunate to get service from 'Settle at Toronto'. This is an excellent service. Arun Morris is doing a fantastic job in getting people settled. More than a profession, he takes it as a personal service making sure that new immigrants who land, knows everything needed to take care of them right from the start. He, puts people in the right locality near to all amenities, like banking, stores, service Canada, etc. He even goes further to help people so that they have enough household items to start a good living. He educates them about all benefits provided by the Canadian government, helps in getting SIN number, bank accounts, mobile connection, informs about govt benefits, etc and finally integrates them in to the society. He puts families right near food, groceries and amenities stores, schools, dispensaries, etc. He educates newcomers about the job possibilities and puts them in touch with the right people for job. I think he has redefined 'settlement services' and has given a new definition to it. I surely recommend this service.
Binoy John (Kerala, India)
Mechanical Engineering Specialist
I am an IT professional from Kerala - India. I had a wonderful landing experience with the support of Mr. Arun Morris.Right from the Airport pick and taking to rented accommodation up he took care of everything. He inroduced me the cheapest way to take transportation, library membership and new comer centre. He arranged two days food which was a big help on the initial days of arrival. He also arranged groceries for me for initial days. He helped in opening a bank account with Scotiabank. Also he introduced the mobile connection in Canada. Aruns service is a good package which includes Airport pick up, Accommodation, Bank account, Driving License, Free medical insurance guidance, Phone connection,internet,Grocery buying and etc.. I strongly recommend new comers to take Arun services for happy and easy settlement in Canada.
Jobin Luke Paluvelil (Kerala, India)
IT Specialist
S A T by Mr. Arun Morris is a wonderful service right from the moment you land at the airport, he is there to guide you with all your requirements to settle down ( accommodation, SIN, opening of bank account, mobile, govt benefits, school, driving license , even groceries and much more ). S A T by Arun is one of the best service for the newcomers. I would highly recommend with no hesitation Settle at Toronto to newcomers.
Kishore Tonupunuri (Hyderabad, India)
IT Specialist
Hi all..Myself Nimmy George,we are really grateful to Mr. Arun Morris and the services which he had offered through Settle at Toronto. He is such a lovely and helpful person whom who can completely trust on. We felt very comfy and safe after landing here, because he was always there to help us. ‘SAT’(Settle at Toronto) is just amazing and you cannot expect such a great help from anyone. Hence I highly recommend Settle at Toronto to all newcomers as it is ‘SIMPLY THE BEST!!!
Nimmy George (Kerala, India)
IT Specialist
My name is Wasil Dhingra. I am glad to say that I tied up with Arun Morris before landing in Canada. He is a very dedicated and resourceful person who can be of immense help to those who don’t know anyone in Canada. Even if you know someone, u mite still not be able to find so much useful info all by yourself... Arun knows his way around Toronto and has a lot knowledge about various services and schemes which can be of great value once you land..... all such info is not easily available and Arun has done is research well to get such hidden info for ur benefit..... I landed last week and am alrdy in employment thanks to info and help given by Arun.....Thanks Arun for all the help!!! All the best..
Wasil Dhingra (Amritsar Punjab, India)
Senior Business Associate
Hi friends.. I am Electrical & Electronics Engineer from India. I came to Canada with my Family. Since this was my first visit to Canada and no idea where to settle in Canada. I came to know about Settle at Toranto services from one of the Whats app group and I took this service from Arun Morris. He arranged me good accommodations. He provided me good services like Airport Pickup. Bank account opening, school admission, Phone connection, internet connection, applying for the health card and many more. He has arranged us Vegetarian food for us in initial days of arrival. Arun Morris provided good post landing services, he is doing great job. I would recommend settle at Toronto service to anyone travelling to Toronto Region. Thank you Arun Morris and your Team…
Sreekantha Singapura (Bangalore, India)
Electrical Engineer
Hi all, myself Aiman and belong from a Quality Management background in a Pharmaceutical sector.I am glad that i took Arun's services before i landed in canada. The moment we landed,Arun took great care of us just like any family member. His zeal of helping people and his honesty is something you instantly get connected with. He helped and guided us with all legal formalities, accommodation,driving license( have a Full G license now),groceries,internet Connection and sim cards, hot meals etc. Me and my family are very thankful for the services he rendered to us and even to the matter of fact,he is still helping us in reaching our goals. I would highly and surely recommend Arun's service to all the new prospective immigrants landing in Toronto.
Aiman Musani (Saudi Arabia)
Marketing Manager
We found this service of Settle at Toronto very comfortable and convenient after v landed here.. we didn't have to worry about anything though it was a new place for us as SAT (Settle @ Toronto) was with us.. and I would love to recommend others too to get the best help out of it.
Lavi Sam Ebenezer (Mangalore, India)
Nursing Professional
Hi Guys, I am from India. I am into captial market with decades of experience. Me and my family were secured after landing with Arun's hospitality. I specially thank him and his family to gives us warm welcome and he gave us secured shelter with all utilities. I guarantee that settle at Toronto is doing a handsome job for new comers. We were into many groups to find out a safe landing but those are worthless. Me and my family are very thankful for all the services given by SAT....All the very best for your future.
Maniyat Pravin (Chennai, India)
Marketing Manager
I am Manufacturing-Quality Manager from India, after getting my Canada Permanent Resident I have no idea where to settle in Canada with my family, after coming to know about Settle at Toronto and the settlement service they provide, immediately I took this service and they provide me Accommodation, Airport Pick up, Transportation, Bank Account, Social Insurance Number, Driving License, Free Medical Insurance, School Admission, Phone Connection, and Survival Job and I am settled now. This is one of best post landing service provided Mr.Arun Morris he is doing a wonderful job . I would recommend his settlement service to anyone travelling to Canada
Ravikanth Arora (Haryana, India)
Instrumentation Engineer
Dear Fellow aspirants and potential PR holders in Canada!!! I had a pretty much overwhelming response from our friend and guide, Mr Arun Morris, by all means, a person of charismatic approach to help potential migrants and people who have reached their destination, the Canadian soil to have a new era in their life. I would say, before do anything we pray God, but here after landing before we start anything, think of Settle @ Torronto and Arun Morris shall pop up in our minds and hearts, as that's the gateway of going thru the civilised and cultured way of starting our second life in Canada. He serves the fresh migrants with all required menus to get to their regular and routine life settling them with all local needs and requirements and ways to procure it and get going, which in a Cosmo country like Canada is absolutely appreciable and commendable. The mobility of service rendered and offered is within least possible turn around time, by which it will like at the need of the hour. I strongly recommend Mr Arun Morris, for his exemplary services and broad hospitality which he endeavours throughout and especially the vibrant energy he has in stretching a bit more to the needy people/immigrants to wilfully holding their hands and walking through each perimeter of the process and completes it to the hearts content and creates new ambassadors declaring their testimony on how to Settle @ Torronto plays an important role in positioning each one of the prospective immigrants and PR holders life n career. Please feel free to contact Mr Arun Morris on this page itself and at his contact numbers already provided in the FB page, for any service level issues or concerns, as he is very approachable, service oriented with on-time delivery, which makes him unique among the fraternity of his vertical.
Herbert Fernandez (Chennai , India)
HR Manager
Settle at Toronto provides the best service you can rely on. We landed Toronto on PR visa 2 months back. This was our first visit and had no idea what to do. Our landing time was around 12:30 AM (midnight). This services took care of us from the day we landed till now. Most important it fits your budget and saves your money. I suggest to rely on Settle at Toronto for Newcomers.
Sam Ebenezer (Mangalore, India)
Electrical Engineer
I come with an IT background. I came to know about Settle at Toronto and met Mr Arun Morris. He provided service such as accommodation and valuable information about banking, Social Insurance Number, Transportation , driving license, job assistance etc. It was great help for me and appreciate the service provided by Settle at Toronto and team. This service is recommended to new Immigrants coming to the Greater Toronto Area
Montosh Chowdhury (Kolkata, India)
IT Specialist
I was initially very doubtful on settling in Canada as i had to move with family. I got to know of this settlement at Toronto post landing service and believe me, i am very glad i got this service. Right from the moment i landed here to finding a home, getting necessary facilities like grocery, health care, basic documentations like SIN, driving license, even getting into a survival job, everything necessary for settling in a foreign land were provided to me through this service. I felt at home soon. I am fortunate and glad i could get this service.
Anil Thomas (Kerala,India)
Mechanical Engineer
Settle at Toronto is a wonderful service for newcomers provided by Mr. Arun Morris. Right from the moment you land at the airport, he is there to guide you with all your settlements needs be it accommodation, SIN, opening of bank account, mobile, govt benefits, school, driving license and even groceries. In fact I would say that Settle at Toronto exceeded my expectations with their service. I would highly recommend Settle at Toronto to newcomers so that they become integrated in the new country easily and without stress.
Aswini Kumar (Kerala, India)
Financial Executive
Hi friends I settled in toronto 2 yrs before I was struggled a lot that time I didn't get any service like this but today my friend ( Arun Morris) doing a awesome service for new immigrants to settle in toronto. It is very diffcult to get all the service in one place in the new place. So I recommend to all new comers to contact him for the settlement service.
Lakshmi Narayanan (Chennai, India)
Sales Executive
I have been living in Canada for two years now and personally has experienced first hand all the struggles of moving to and settling down in a new country. I recently learned about the services being provided by Arun Morris and have to say that he is truly an inspiration to the new immigrants coming to Canada. There are many who come to Canada with no friends or relatives to give them a helping hand and/or with relatives or friends who are not willing to help you in your time of need. That is when you get to know the true value of the selfless service being provided by Arun Morris. Hats off to his commitment to the service he provides and I am truly proud of calling him my friend.
Riyas Siraj (Kerala, India)
Sales Manager
I am an Audiologist from India and I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Mr. Arun Morris and his Settlement Service (Settle at Toronto) for its valuable assistance rendered to me throughout Settling in Canada. His settlement service includes Airport pick up, Transportation, Accommodation, Bank account, Driving License, Free medical insurance, Phone connection and which is not easy for a newcomer without a proper guidance. This was a best post landing service provided by Mr Arun Morris. I would recommend new immigrants to get his service.
Priyanka Pillai (Kerala, India)
Hi, I wish to state my experience with Mr.Arun Morris when I landed Canada. He is absolutely a great helping hand for new comers. Those who are in need of a person to care you while landlng in Canada can trust his services. He understands all doubts and fear one may have during the initial days and guide them to overcome the challenge. He takes care of all initial landing formalities and offer all help any time. He always takes care of his group members like his family and guide them to get job, enroll for courses etc. I suggest to keep things positive and enjoy life in Canada with support from such great experienced hand.
Hariprakash P Nambiar (Chennai, India)
Financial Adviser
I am a Mechanical Engineer from India. I had no idea where to settle in Toronto. After coming to know about “Settle at Toronto", I immediately took the service. I got all the services such as Accommodation, Transportation, Bank Account, Driving License, Medical Insurance and Survival Job and I am settled now. This is one of best post landing service provided my Mr.Arun Morris so I recommend this service to all the new immigrants who comes to Toronto (Canada) .
Devraj Banerjee (Kolkata, India)
Mechanical Engineer
Hi, I am a marketing professional from India. It was always my dream, to migrate to Canada with my family but was very apprehensive when I got my visa. I was not really sure how my initial days in Canada would turn out. But by God’s Grace, landing in Canada was a smooth affair as everything was taken care of in professional and friendly manner by Mr. Arun Morris of Settle At Toronto fame. Right from picking us from the airport, visits to Service Canada, and Service Ontario for our various requirements viz. SIN number, Driver’s Licence, local community centre, library, centre for education and training ,shopping malls for our groceries, Bank account opening, phone connection Arun’s help really saved us time, money and effort as he took us to all these places in his own car. His guidance helped us to secure admissions for my kids in the local school especially my teenage daughter who got admission in one of the well acclaimed Catholic High School. Even before we had started our Journey to Canada, as promised Arun had arranged a decent family accommodation at very affordable rent for us and after landing he even provided us with homely meals for a week till we got over our jet lag. The best part of Settle At Toronto package was that we got into contact with lot of friendly families from day one. Last but not least as offered, Arun made sure that we got a job to start our life in Canada. Here we are in Canada, Settled, Happy and Satisfied, enjoying Quality Life and looking forward for prosperity . My sincere gratitude to Arun and his Settle At Toronto for extending timely support and guidance. I strongly recommend new comers to avail Settle At Toronto services for a hassle free settled life in Canada.
Rajesh Babu (Kerala, India)
Marketing Manager
Hi friends , settle at toronto is like our family, how a family member would welcome it was just like that warm welcoming...our entry was so smooth because of them. we are really greatfull
Dhanya Mathew (Kerala, India )
Registered Nurse
It was indeed a pleasure and as a matter of fact, a blessing in disguise to have met Arun as a guardian. Me and my wife got our PR last September under FSW, and hence the start for settlement began. Arun has helped from literally pillar to post, or in other words from renting an accomodation to admitting my daughter to the nearest school. He has a knack to understand the client and is a thorough professional. I wish him all the best and I PERSONALLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES TO ANY NEW COMER who does not have any acquaintance locally...Regards Ghatiin/Shailly/Aarna sharma family
Ghatin Sharma (Delhi, India)
Financial Adviser
I am an ICT engineer from India,after receiving my PR i had no idea where to go in Canada,what to do,where to live etc etc.I was total confused,then one of my Friend Rajesh Babu referred me the services of settle @Toronto for new comers.I called him and my doubts and worries ended up that day.Arun arranged the accommodation prior to our landing as per my needs.He welcomed us open hearted arranged delicious meal for me my family.He assisted us in job finding,SIN card,Account opening and many more and his services not ended up there still continue.Whenever I need he is always ready to help .I donot hesitate to recommend SAT services to all new commers who are planning to settle in Toronto.Thanks Arun for all you did for us.
Sultan Singh (Delhi, India)
Electrical Engineer
Sometimes god's grace comes through unknown hands.thats happened in our case.we really wondered about the unexpected extraordinary services of these people.we never ever get such a helping hand in our life.infact its like a warm welcoming to the SAT family.we are really greatful and love to recommend it.
Anuja Thomas (Kerala,India)
Settle Toronto is been a great help for new comers to settle Toronto. .Arun has been great support for me & my family while we are here..All the best to Arun
Cheryl D’souza Mumbai, India)
When we land in a new country and specially when it is 1000 of miles away from our motherland, it is difficult to find our own people or say the people who can help or guide us. Everyone is busy in there on life. A helping hand and some guidence at these times are always like a "GODS HAND". Let me take this oppertunity to thank & wish Arun Morris and his new venture all success helping people who come to Canada to build a new life. I am happy and i suggest his service for everyone, as he take cares his customers like his own family member and with all care. ALL THE BEST & GOD BLESS YOU.
Anuroop Nair (Kerala, India)
Sales Executive
Hi. This is pavan from visakhapatnam. I am a mechanical engineer who came to Canada with PR. I came to know about Arun Morris from my friend. In one word Arun's post landing and of course pre landing guidance is "great". All the necessary things (SIN, Knowing Indian community, accommodation which is already reserved, shopping, food, phone and internet connection setup, Airport pickup etc.) will be taken care by Arun. I would say this is the best locality for any new comer because it is close to the bus terminus where you can get connections to go anywhere in GTA. I will definitely recommend his service to everybody so that you are not getting into trouble after landing in Canada. Especially when you are coming with your family do not think too much and put your family in trouble. I am sure you will appreciate the service and will make your life easier from the moment you land in Canada. Welcome to Canada!
Pavan Kottapalli (Visakhapatnam ,India)
Mechanical Engineer
Hi friends....I want to let u all knw abt Settle at Toronto, it is a wonderful services,it is very helpful for those who r coming to Canada for the first time.Arun is doing a great job.I really appreciate his wonderful service.God bless.............
Seena Varghese (Kerala,India)
Registered Nurse
I am an IT Business Analyst from Hyderabad, India. After receiving my PR. My happiness was short lived with the sudden realization of where i will live and how i will manage my commute, expenses, accommodation or how will i connect to new immigrants who are already in Canada stuck me. I had absolutely no relatives or family in Canada and i found it really tough finding an accommodation as per my needs. Just then, I came across Settle @ Toronto facebook page and the post landing services they provided. I sent an email to Settle @ Toronto to see if they could help in finding accommodation. There was a real quick response from Mr. Arun Morris. He immediately contacted me and checked about what i needed. I am so impressed with his knowledge, skills and dedication to provide a wonderful post landing experience. He made it easy to understand the process and did all of the hard work for me (like searching for accommodation, Picking up at the airport, help me get a phone connection on the same day, Providing awesome food, Assist in opening a bank account, getting you connected to people in your field and the list goes on). All i did was show up at the airport and sign the papers! He literally made things happen, and ensured that i was happy. He had guaranteed smooth transition and delivered more than what was promised. He had introduced me to the newcomers who just landed and connected me with other immigrants who have settled in Canada. Through it a professional relationship became personal and more of a family. He took care of all issues behind the scenes and welcomed me with a big smile to Canada. Peace of mind and a Big Smile is what comes to mind when you think of Settle @ Toronto. Thank you Arun for the wonderful Hospitality. I would definitely recommend this Service to all the newcomers who wish to settle in Toronto
Srikanth Surapaneni (Hyderabad, India)
IT Professional
Hi Everyone !! I am Neil Rodriguez from Cochin, India.We (me,wife and daughter) are so very happy that we met Arun Morris from "Settle at Toronto" through one of the groups on whatsaap. We had by then got our PR Visa to Canada and we could not find a place to stay, and moreover we did not know as to where we should stay.Its then,I sent a message to Arun Morris, and he called me immediately (it was past midnight in Canada ) (This Arun...never sleeps..always there to help people) He told me what kind of service he offers for new immigrants and I felt that i have found someone good who is gonna help us settle down in Canada.Our landing experience was indeed a pleasant one...THANKS TO ARUN. When we landed it was pretty chill,my fingers were numb and I could not walk over snow (it was so slippery) Arun did everything for us ...he took us straight to his home and served us hot delicious home cooked food.I must say this .."his wife is a great cook" (thank you Soly-we never missed India) he had found us a very spacious walk-out basement ,and our fridge was loaded with stuff.In two days he took us everywhere and finished all formalities (grocery,shopping,bus passes,library membership, medical, application of child tax benefits, mobile connection, Internet connection etc etc) He's got so many contacts and he gets things done easily.If we had not taken a couple of weeks to get all this done.well, the first few days we would just slept claiming we are jet lagged ) Even now,he is like a local guardian to us, very helpful.We never felt this was a business deal , he is like a family member. Arun is very passionate about what he does.We are so very thankful to Arun and his wife, who took care of us (and still does) When we landed... we never felt like we were away from home. Five star rating is too little for the kind of service we received.I would recommended SAT to new immigrants to make their landing a pleasurable experience. Good Luck to SAT. God Bless Arun Morris and family.
Neil Rodriguez (Kerala,India)
Accounts Executive
Hi every one , Settlement @ Toronto is one of the best group which I ever felt..... I have no words to explain the service given by Mr.Arun Morris.When i was in India , all our family was worried about us regarding our landing and settling in Toronto.But we got a hand like a God.....Mr.Arun Morris
Jain Jijo (Kerala , India)
Electronics Engineer
Hi every one , Settlement @ Toronto is one of the best group which I ever felt..... I have no words to explain the service given by Mr.Arun Morris.When i was in India , all our family was worried about us regarding our landing and settling in Toronto.But we got a hand like a God.....Mr.Arun Morris
Gijo Alappat (Kerala, India)
Sales Associates
Hello everyone. I am a Chemical engineer from India. I came to Canada with PR visa along with my wife. Before coming here i did not now where to settle, about the essential services required for newcomers like accommodation, banking, Social Insurance number, mobile connection, transportation and most importantly a job. but before i booked tickets to Canada, i got in touch with Settle at Toronto service and i am glad all my questions have been answered. I was pretty sure of the service even before i landed here and that was mainly due to the interaction i had with Settle at Toronto .They gave me such confidence that with out any hesitation i took the service and booked the flight right away .And since then there is no turning back. The service we received is more than what we expected .We are taken care of like a family with lots of minded friends too.Hats of Settle at Toronto and Mr. Arun Morris.
Pankaj Ghodekar (Maharashtra, India)
Chemical Engineer
I am a mechanical engineer from India and after getting my Permanent Resident visa i had no idea of how to settle in Canada. But after availing this service I am glad i took this. Settle at Toronto is the best post landing service any newcomer can ever get.Right from the moment i set foot in Canada, i was taken care of like a family. In fact more than a family. From the basic accommodation, grocery, food to other essential services like banking , transportation , mobile number , Social Insurance Number etc....everything was taken care of . And in a week I got adjusted to the place along with proper job assistance , many references and lots of confidence to start on my own.
Bindukumar Nellore (Bangalore, India)
Mechanical Engineer
Hey everyone I'm Jim Thomas Johny HR Manager, meeting Arun Morris and and knowing about his settlement service was the best thing to happen to me! I was in search of a place to live before I travel to Canada, as soon as our conversation got over arun his settlement service found an awesome one bedroom basement apartment with in hours it's not just a home he found out for us but his service after our arrival was even better. I did't have to worry about anything as he took care of everything!! I would recommend his settlement service to anyone travelling to Canada!! 5 star to Settle at Toronto.
Jim Thomas Johny( kerala ,India)
HR Professional
Settle at Toronto provides the best service for newcomers. No one provides such a service like this. We have been made comfortable since we landed. And with in a week we got settled with all the essential services which Settle at Toronto promised. I recommend this service for all the newcomers land in Toronto.
.Jenny Thosar (Maharashtra, India)
HR Executive
Hi friends there , we all sometimes have to take some biggest decision of life to improve it . Immigrating to a totally new country is one of them. Whether we are coming alone or with family, whether we want to enhance our professional or personal life,for whatever reason, we want to do it. An unknown fear of not settling down or having financial burdens etc is always in our mind. Now after 7-10 days of landing here, I think i have made the best decisioon of taking Arun Morris services. He is not only a settler , he becomes a family member.He takes care of every small details starting from accommodation to your medical insurance for initial 90 days or so. Grocery, Presto Card, Bank , Phone , Job, ur community. U name it n he has some thing to benefit to you. My transition from India to Canada after a tiring journey, was so smooth that i dont have the feel of immigration. Good Luck to all reading this , at some point or other , you definitely need him. Hope ur jounrey n new life over here may b as smooth as possible. N do take care of ur funds, Arun Morris services are really worth it.Thanks!
Anu Goyal (Ludhiana, India)
IT Professional
Hi everyone my name is Melvin from Kerala. we landed in Quebec PR visa on Feb-1st. when we landed, we had very bad experience in Montreal because of bad weather. And settling there was very complicated, there is no job opportunities and with out French there is no scope. So, we decided to move from there to Alberta. When we went there we faced same problem. No job opportunities including survival job . That time I was tensed and felt bad to go back to India. At that time, I came to know about Arun Morris and his settlement services (Settle at Toronto) in Toronto. Then I thought to call him. He gave me lot of confidence and support. I told about my financial situation at that which was very bad at that time. And he told me don’t worry about the money. At that time, he made me more comfortable and told me to come right away to Toronto. Within two hours he arranged beautiful accommodation 1 BHK in prime location in the heart of the city with all the amenities. He himself booked ticket and made all the arrangements which he promised such as airport pick up, two days food, bank account, locker facilities, free grocery worth $200 that he arranged for every month, mobile connection with special prices, driving instructor and G1 exams , Bus passes ,library membership card, free furniture worth $1000 . My wife was having severe health issues and arun arranged free health check ups and free medicines because we did’t have our health card and Finally he placed us full time job in the second day. Now is he is like a big brother .I am proud of him, he showed as the way towards the light. He is always there for everybody. I would recommend anyone who is in need to relocate in Toronto. He is the one who can sort out all the problems. I am proud he is great good human being and a with good heart.
Melvin Kuriakose (Rajastan, India)
Sales Executive
Hi All I am Chandu from Hyderabad, I am an IT professional. Settle at Toronto which is being run by Arun had definitely helped us out here at Canada when it comes to our post landing procedures as per Arun’s promised commitment. With this many likes to this page and so many positive testimonial I am not left with much to say however I share my experience with Arun. I have Opted Arun’s Settle at Toronto service which as referred to me by fellow friends from the other group. Finally, I get a chance to speak about him. Canada is totally new to us with out family and friends and I was worried about new life to start in Canada with family. So I was looking out for options and one friend of mine has referred me to contact Arun (I thank my friend, I wish he was in Toronto now , I would have thank him, but unlucky he left to other place with job commitments ) So I reached Arun of his paid service and as he promised he did everything to us. I would recommend Settle at Toronto service to any one travelling to Canada.
Chandrakanth (Hyderabad, India)
IT Professional
Hi All, I am a Project Management and Administrative professional from Kozhikode (Calicut), India. After going through the tedious process of the Ontario Immigration Nominee programme and the recently launched, express entry system, i got my VISA on August, 2016. But, the PR excitement was short lived, as i started thinking about my settlement options in Toronto, as i was a provincial nominee, i had to land in Ontario. I had friends in Alberta, and with no acquaintances in Toronto, i soon realized the harsh reality that i would be facing once i touch down at Pearson. Rigorous search followed and by January 2017 i contacted Arun Morris. Right from the very first interaction we had, i found him to be so reassuring and he could clear most of my doubts and fears. Before my actual landing, we almost had a trial landing through the phone, and he explained me the do's and dont's to be done during the landing and also for packing my luggage's for Canada, which altogether made me at ease to go through the real landing procedure at Pearson, and my landing procedure was smooth. Arun was there at the Airport to pick me up, with a big welcome smile. And on the way he made sure that i called my family back home, and also he explained me how the next day is gonna be and also a bit about life in Canada. He drove me straight to my soon to be home at Wyewood Road, where he had arranged me bachelor accommodation, as i was a bachelor. The single room that i use is great with a very reasonable rent and also with all the facilities including an unlimited internet connection. And he also made sure that i was staying with someone from my state, so that i could get adjusted to the system here. The location my accommodation is close to a mall, where i have all the shops, restaurants, the bus terminal and banks, which is very convenient. Also, he took me to his home, where i met his family and also had dinner. The next day he ensured that he completed all the things that were mentioned in his services. I got myself enrolled at a Employment and settlement service agency, opened a bank account with a solid a great credit limit, got my mobile connection. To keep my finances running he made sure that i got signed up with an employment service agency, so that i could start with a survival job. He helped with getting a bus pass (presto card), library membership and also the food bank services where i could get food and groceries free of cost for almost 10 days. He also booked me an appointment with four corners, where my insurance will be covered for the 3 months till the time i get my Ontario Health Card. He also provided food for two days, which was fresh cooked from his home. I landed in Toronto during a snow showers warning time and the climate was freezing cold ( rather i found it to be freezing). I was down with a rather tough fever from the 3rd of my landing, everyday Arun made sure that he visited and brought medicines and food, which continued for almost a week, till i was alright. He helped me to complete the G1 driving test and also getting myself registered at Service Ontario for Health Insurance. Currently i am working on G and at the same time working with a survival job, and actively looking to go back into my field of profession. He is like my older brother, always a call away for any help. I was fortunate enough that i could avail his services. As i am at a place where i have no acquaintances, he is big help to confront with the realities at Toronto.The fact is he is always there to help, you can call him for any help.He would just drive in with his car, when you have some one to help, it sort of puts many of our tensions at bay. I would recommend this service to anyone landing in Toronto. We had a small kinda get together last week, where i could interact with many of the newcomers that took his services. So guys just go for it, without any hesitation, cheers...
Akhil Thomas (Kerala, India)
Banking Associate
Hi Everyone. I am Gagan Deol from New Delhi. With a decade of experience in sales & marketing. Landed few days back...just feel great n thankful to Arun Morris and his venture Settle at Toronto...It was through one of the WhatsApp groups I got to know about his services and boy did I made the right decision...well i would say i made the best decision...settle at Toronto not only provided us all the services which they had committed but also fulfilled all the promises like we are as one family. Its there exceptional customer service and providing services with care which will definitely take Arun bhai and his team to greater success..i would definitely recommend settle at Toronto to all the new comers. All the best Arun bhai and your team 🙂
Gagan Deol (Delhi, India)
Sales Executive
Hi this is Sunil Thampi we landed Quebec on may 5th .I came through Arun Morris settlement service it was a very good experience for us .because he arranged every thing in Quebec and Toronto. Starting from airport pick up and one day meal and one day stay in Quebec. And the very next day we went to Toronto through their own vehicle. Arun brother he arranged a beautiful one bed room basement with out contract in a good location for us. The Next day he took us for SIN Number we got it from Toronto , Bank Account Opening , Child Benefits , Grocery Shopping , Bus Pass , Library Membership, Mattress Booking, Carrier Specialist, Free Medical Coverage , Free Furniture , Free Grocery worth of $200 on monthly bases and mattress booking, GST, G1 Exam and finally he put me into full time job. He helped us a lot for guiding everything. Aim very proud of taken his service. I met lot of families who moved from Montreal To Toronto here from arun’s group all of them are happy and settled here. .I would recommend everyone who is need to settle in Toronto. Please contact Arun Morris.
Sunil Thampi (Kerala, India)
Registered Nurse
Hi! This is Shirshendu from Kolkata. I have come to Canada to pursue my passion of Music. Migrating to a new country is a huge task in itself, but the anxiety of settling down was much taken care by ‘Settlement at Toronto’ which is run by Mr. Arun Morris. Arun is a great help and provides efficient service, he fixed my apartment before I landed here. Without his personal touch in his service it was very difficult to settle down here in 3-4 days. The most important trait of Arun is his nature to help others and maintain relationship even after the services. He is like a family member to all of us. I wholeheartedly wish him all the best and urge everyone who intend to come to Canada to take his service, I am sure they will get a true friend in him!
Shirshendu Mekherjee (Kolkata, India)
Hello all, my name is Sajith Vijayan and I landed at Toronto on Jan 12 2018 with my wife. After all our airport formalities I sent a message to Arun(unaware of how bad the weather was at 11.00 pm, it was -16 degree I believe) and there came the brainchild of SaT. I was so thrilled to meet this person whose voice I have been hearing on the phone for nearly 3 months since I got my COPR. He helped us carrying all our luggage to the car and drove us to our accommodation where he had kept food and water ready for us to manage for at least couple of days. He found us a very spacious walk out basement in Malton. Within a week we finished all the formalities like library membership, groceries, bus pass, driving licence, health care etc. His constant perseverance and promptness really was the force that we needed to settle as quickly as possible and start our Canadian life. He is extremely approachable, you ask him anything he has a solution. When we are asleep, he is awake thinking about his clients. He gave us all the comfort that a new comer needs, Hats off Arun!!! Even after 2 months, he keeps checking about us and is always ready to help us. I recommend SaT to new immigrants always. Experience it and you will know the worth. May his good work continue and all the best for all his future assignments. God Bless Arun and family.
Sajith Vijayan (Chennai, India)
IT Specialist
I landed in October 2017 and had asked him to help me out to settle there. Before I landed he had everything ready for me such as House, food etc... he helped out with everything and gave an insight into Canada. He is an amazing personality and you can go to him with all of your problems and he will help you out with everything. You can bank on him at late night too. It amazes me on the energy level this individual has because he doesn’t seem to sleep at all and still help you out. Guys if you are coming into Canada and need settlement services this guy and his services are the best bet that you have. I have experienced it and so I know God bless him and his family members
Alex Oommen (Kerala, India)
Financial Adviser
I am a Manufacturing Manager from India, after getting my Canada PR i have no idea and i was bit afraid where to settle in Canada and how to manage after landing since i donot know anyone in canada. After coming to know about Settle at Toronto and the settlement service they provide thru one of the whats app group, immediately I took this service and they provide me Accommodation, Airport Pick up, Transportation, Bank Account, Social Insurance Number, Driving License, Free Medical Insurance, School Admission, Phone Connection, and Survival Job and I am settled now. This is one of the best post landing service provided, Mr.Arun Morris he is doing a wonderful job . I would recommend his settlement service to anyone travelling to Canada. Most important is that even after u get settled if you have any issues he will be at ur door steps to help and support which we cant even expect from relatives.
Ramesh Kumar(Tamilnadu, India)
Mechanical Engineer
Yes A person with big heart ARUNBHAI I highly recommend his services for settlement in Toronto. All services are being provided very professionally & having long term benefits. I am lucky that I could avail his services. Apart from services He is a very kind & caring person as a brother. Special thanks to Arunbhai....three cheers.... Thanks Vilex Parmar
Vilex Parmar (Gujarat,India)
Accounts Executive
Settle at Toronto is a really amazing agency for new comers. I have a superb experience with settle at Toronto. Arun Morris is really a genuine man who take cares of you like your own family in an unknown country. I will heartily recommend all the new comers to contact him to get Settled in Canada without any hassle. Trust me it is really worth!! Thank you Arun sir for treating us as a family. 🤗🤗
Neerav Patel (Gujarat, India)
Sales Executive
One of the best settlement service providers in Canada..Kudos to SAT Team..
Arun Krishna(Kerala,India)
Quality Assurance Superviso
I highly recommend him , for newcomers to canada , very helpful and has lots of information and connections. call him anytime, and he is around
Prem Kumar (Chennai,India)
IT Professional
A perfect option after landing Canada.."SAT" service offers regardless of race, language or religion
Ratheessh Thenissery (Kerala,India)
Mechanical Engineer
Best settlement serviced provided by the staff and also give motivation for survival here in canada
Arun Tandon (Punjab,India)
Sales Executive
SAT group has given me a lot of help and happiness I am a proud member of this group, Arun brother helped me settle in Malton by helping get a house also helped in getting job in one of the top five banks in Canada special thanks to Arun Morris my brother and our future MPP from Malton Mississauga he does a lot of great services especially helping New migrants and bringing them together Christmas gala party was a great event I won a bumper price at the party I wish Arun Bhai lots of good luck and may this group grow even bigger God bless SAT and Arun Bhai
Rana Bharadwaj (Rajastan,India)
Banking Professional
Proud to be a member of SAT team..You made my life easy here..looking forward to see you as our future MP.. wishing you good luck!!
Ashrith Shetty(Managalore ,India)
Banking Professional
Good work Mr Arun and SAT.. Your service to society and new immigrants is worth mentioning.. And I wish all the luck for you and your initiative.. Hoping to see you as our future MP from Malton, Mississauga..
Eldho Paul (Kerala, India)
Registered Nurse
Great achievement.. Proud to be a member of your SAT group. Keep up the good work Mr Morris.. Looking forward to see you as our future MP from Mississauga (Malton).
Abhimanyu Cb (Kerala, India)
Mechanical Engineer