Settlement Service

Settlement Services​

Airport Pickup

Which will cost you around $100- 150 depending on the location if you book a cab and unfamiliarity to the local services might cost more.

Post Landing Meal

We will provide post landing hot meals for consecutive 2 days delivered directly to your home as it would be difficult to cook right away after a tiring journey and Jet Lag.

Social Insurance Number 

The utmost important document after your arrival in Canada will be your SIN Card which will be required for work purposes. We will help you in getting the document work right away from Service Canada.

Bank Account
We will help in opening the Bank Account immediately with debit card and provide the credit card with $ 2000 credit limit for each people which will help in establishing the credit history in Canada.

Rented Apartment or Basement

We will arrange and book a suitable accommodation based on your preference and budget even before you land in Canada without taking any advance.

SIM Cards

We have a tie up with Canada’s best Network Operators and will provide sim cards for each people with unlimited Canada wide calling, free international texts with internet data bundles.

Internet Connection

We provide Fast Internet Connections fixed at your home based on your preference and browsing needs.

Driving License

Providing resources to prepare for your G1 Test and personally take you to the Drive Test Center to give the exam and we provide the best driver instructors in Toronto to help you get your G license by earliest.

Grocery Shopping

Will accompany you to purchase all your grocery items for your initial 2 months from different places to save time and money

Bed & Mattress

We are tied with the best mattress company & providing the best economic rates with free delivery at your home.

Survival Job

As it would be difficult but not impossible to get a job in your designated field initially, I would help you in getting a survival job immediately which can fetch $15-17/hr

Medical benefits & Health Cards

Take care of all your medical emergencies for full 90 days until you get your health card and also register you and your family for health cards from Service Ontario.

Child Care Benefits and GST/HST Credit

Will help you in documenting the child care benefit and GST/HST so you can reap the benefits by getting funded by the Canadian Government automatically in your bank account every month.

Furniture Bank

Will assist, help and guide you for registering for the free Furniture bank worth $1000

School Admission 

We provide help in getting the school admission of your child in the best public & Catholic schools close to your home.

Library Membership & Gym

Help in Opening the library card for your family so you can get free issued books and DVD’s for personal use, In addition to helping you in getting registered with the Gym & swimming pools for your fitness needs.


Guidance and help in licensing for regulated professions like Engineering, Nursing, Finance, Paramedics, teaching etc. and also link you with free government funded bridging programs related to your field