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Awards & Recognitions

Appreciation (From House of Commons Canada)

Appreciation for Settle at Toronto from Bob Saroya (Member of Parliament)

Appreciation from Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Appreciation for Settle at Toronto from Michael Tibollo (Minister of Tourism , Culture & Sports )

Appreciation from Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Appreciation for Settle at Toronto from MPP, Deepak Anand (Mississauga-Malton)

What's Our Partners Say

David Clements
CEO (Raport)

commitment to excellence that has made Settle at Toronto a brand of its own turning every transactions into worthwhile relationships. Kudos to SAT team for their Post Landing Services Canada.

Ray Sultana
General Manager (Addison GMC)

It’s been a great work that you have been doing in the  Settlement Service Sector in Canada for the newcomers to enable them to bypass the transition trauma. Keep the spirit going.

Dinesh VK
Manager (Scotiabank)

Appreciate the challenges undertaken in running this novel service in top gear. It’s indeed commendable. Great to be associated with you and SAT. ( Post Landing Services Toronto.)


Kevin Richards (Citi Group)
Vice President

The success of your organization is a direct result of your effort and dedication. Your commitment to quality and personal and professional integrity is the differentiating factor that sets us apart from your competition.

Questions & Answers

We now offer migration services to Canada to potential and prospective candidates and also provide settlement services (Post Landing Services -Toronto) for Permanent resident visa holders to Canada. Initially what started as just a brief post landing service has developed into a full fledged settlement service thanks to the overwhelming positive response we got from our initial clients.This service includes airport pickup, accommodation, food, grocery shopping, familiarizing the client with the transport, banking and various other essential services like health, child care and more. We also assist in various types of survival jobs and arranging the client for permanent job depending on the client’s profile.

We started this Post Landing Services in Toronto (Canada) .out of the difficulties we faced as newcomers to Canada. We know the difficulties and the precarious situation that each PR holder is in when they land in this country. We vary in our background. we have engineers from different field, IT professionals, doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, marketing and sales persons, HR managers, etc.. So we understand the needs and situation of the newcomers and cater to everyone in a customized way.

Based on the increased demand of our existing clientiele, we have started migration services to Canada and our platform presently works on a word of mouth referrals from our existing members who are immensely delighted with our services.. We have now become one of the most reputed post landing settlement service provider in Toronto – Canada


We work with our clients in a highly customised manner, specifically tailored to their needs. We make it a point that its always delivered on a one to one basis as all clients are unique and hence their preferences has to be catered to the greatest extent feasible.