PSW / Physiotherapist

Certificate Personal Support Worker (PSW)

The Personal Support Worker Diploma Program was developed as part of the Ontario government’s plan to reform long-term care and support services which are provided to people in long-term care facilities or living at home in the community. (read more)

Physiotherapist Assistant Program

Physiotherapist Assistants (PTA) work directly with patients to restore physical activity following an accident, surgery or illness. Under the supervision of a physiotherapist, physiotherapist assistants teach patients body mechanics, posture, muscle strengthening, stretching, balance, and coordination exercises and how to use wheelchairs, crutches, canes and walkers. (read more)

Medical Office Assistant Course

The Medical Office Assistant course provides education for handling administrative procedures for medical offices, such as office machines, insurance coding and billing. (read more)

Continuing Education Courses & Workshops

We offer a variety of Continuing Education courses & workshops for our students to choose from to help further develop their careers. (read more)

Program Length & Schedule

2 – 4 weeks, intensive full time* Day time or evening classes may be arranged based on your convenience and slot availability.
*length depends on current English proficiency and initial assessment evaluation
* Note: successful completion of this course does not guarantee a passing grade on the CELBAN test.